EN / Starting Grid - Description Removable icon Removable Dries quickly icon Dries Quickly High coverage icon High Hiding Power Waterborne paint icon Waterborne Paint Samoline / white stripes group Marking the spot to accommodate every single rider or pilot? Need a place for that sponsor’s logo, but only for a single competition? That’s where Samoline Starting Grid comes in handy, a removable paint that doesn’t mess with friction and can be cleared away easily when the race is over.

EN / Starting Grid - Removable The paint applied to asphalt and smooth concrete can be easily removed using a power washer. This feature makes it especially suitable for tracing starting grids, and also temporary markings, sponsor logos and messages that are meant to last for the specific race. Removable

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EN / Starting Grid - Antislip Just like all Samoline products, Starting Grid incorporates acrylic resins, special pigments and charges that grant its thin film anti-slip and water drainage properties. Antislip

EN  / Starting Grid - Effortless Your air-mix line-marking machine or a simple long-bristle roller are the only tools needed to apply the paint. You can dilute it in water up to 5% if needed. Effortless

EN / Starting Grid - Superior yield Each liter of paint can cover as much as 4 sqm. We engineered the painted film to be the thinnest possible, so the substrate can preserve its natural grip and you can save on the paint you use. Superior

EN / Starting Grid - Markings and Sponsors Get your road marks the precise hue required by regulations, but treat the allowed run-off areas with eloquent colors to make your racetrack more appealing for your audience – and generate revenue with brilliant sponsorships. Markings