EN / Antislip - Description Antislip icon Antislip Dries quickly icon Dries Quickly High coverage icon High Coverage Waterborne paint icon Waterborne Paint Samoline / red stripes group Although powerful, engines are still predictable creatures. Rev them up, and tires will screech with traction on the asphalt. But let a thick, smooth coat of paint get in their way, and jeopardy happens: precious fractions of seconds lost, safe grip on the road - gone. Fear not, for the Samoline Antislip waterborne paint keeps their grasp intact, performance unharmed.

EN / Antislip - Product approved FIA Approved Logo FIA Approved Logo The dried film is thin enough to feel as irregular to the touch as the road and kerbs it covers. Yet, its pigments are powerful enough to paint the substrate completely in color. It also drains water effectively, not altering the track’s performance regardless of weather. That’s why the two major motorsports federations approved it on circuits worldwide. Product

EN / Antislip - Some pictures Easy application You may either spray the paint with an appropriate air-mix line-marking machine or apply it with a long-bristle roller. The paint is ready for use, and you may thin it with water up to 5% if less viscosity is required. Great coverage One coat is enough to obtain the right hiding power. Less paint wasted, better anti-slip features, even more value for your money. Quick dry It takes as little as 30 minutes for the film to dry completely*. When time is critical, Samoline delivers performance rapidly, your circuit ready just in time for the race. *the paint must be removed after 2 weeks maximum Samoline / Antislip / Great coverage Samoline / Antislip / Easy application Samoline / Antislip / Quick Dry

EN / Antislip - Vivid colors

Samoline Antislip comes in 6 colors as standard: white, black, blue, green, red and orange. More are available on request: let us know your specific needs, our laboratories will be happy to provide you with the exact hue you have in mind.

Vivid colors