EN / Access Point - Description Instantly recognizable icon Instantly
Dries quickly icon Dries Quickly High coverage icon High Hiding Power Waterborne paint icon Waterborne Paint Samoline / red stripes group No time to waste: when help is needed, safety staff should be able to spot instantly all the access points on the racetrack. To provide racetracks with a consistent solution, we engineered an orange fluorescent paint that clearly marks them out.

EN / Access Point - FiA compliant Samoline Access Point comes in Pantone 15-1364TC color, which is compliant with the FIA regulations for access points. FIA

Samoline / Starting Grid / f1 / circuit Samoline / Access Point / colsam Samoline / Access Point / colsam Samoline / Access Point / colsam

EN / Access Point - Instantly recognizable The optical properties of the film have been specifically engineered to make color pop out, especially in the context of an emergency. Quicker reaction times, more effective response. Instantly