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Safe. Easy. Brilliant.

The paint of choice for major racetracks around the globe. Approved by FIA and FIM, Samoline Antislip defining new safety standards for MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance and Formula 1 championships.

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Paint tracks clearly and safely.

It’s no wonder motorsports racetracks around the world chose Samoline Antislip paint to mark white lines, kerbs, starting grids and access points. Its FIA and FIM-approved acrylic formula guarantees pilots always draw safe trajectories over road marks with consistent speed, under any weather.

Safe for the race: no one more than pilots hate unpredictability. The paint’s antiskid and water drainage properties make sure their wheels don’t lose any traction when they need it the most.

Easy to use: a waterborne paint that can be used with common equipment. Quick drying acrylic resins ensure your track is ready for the race in 30 minutes under normal conditions*.

Extensive yield: the less the paint, the more the grip. With the thinnest of films, Samoline Antislip lets you save more paint for the next race without affecting slip hazards.

Visually impressive: three different products to ensure maximum visibility for road marks, starting grids, access points. Connect sponsors and audience with vivid track branding that stands out for its colors.

*temperature and relative humidity levels may affect drying times. Do not apply in the chance of rainfall.

Samoline Antislip

Visual cues.
Stunning branding.
Safer racetracks.

Starting Grid

Trace. Remove.
Trace again.

Samoline Access Point

Awareness meets safety.

Trusted by the world’s major circuits.

It’s been more than 20 years since our passion for motorsports rewarded the Samoline Antislip paint with the FIA and FIM certification. We have been supplying our technologically enhanced, safe and easy to use products to circuits worldwide since then.

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